Saturday, 31 October 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 PRO FULL(x64-x86 Windows 10 is so familiar and easy to use, you’ll feel like an expert. The Start Menu is back in an expanded form, plus we’ll bring over your pinned apps and favorites so they’re ready and waiting for you.
With Windows 10 Pro, you’ve got a great business partner. It has all the features of Windows 10 Home, plus important business functionality for encryption, remote log-in, creating virtual machines, and more. Get fast start-ups, a familiar yet expanded Start menu, and great new ways to get stuff done, plus innovative features like an all-new browser built for online action and Cortana, the more personal digital assistant.


Join your Domain. You can connect to your business or school Domain or Azure Active Directory to use network files, servers, printers, and more.
Enhanced encryption. Get additional security with BitLocker to help protect your data with encryption and security management.
Remote log-in. Windows 10 enables you to log in with Remote Desktop to sign in and use your Pro PC while at home or on the road. Virtual machines. Create and run virtual machines with Hyper-V so you can run more than one operating system at the same time on the same PC.
 Your apps in the Store. Windows 10 lets you create your own private app section in the Windows Store for convenient access to company applications.



Full Final Version

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Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is a relatively lightweight, yet powerful security suite for your PC. The application has a robust framework housing a strong, intelligent antivirus engine to detect and resolve threats. It also provides cloud based email security, and the sandbox browser provides a secure browsing experience. These features, coupled with the Web Security function, provides real time cloud security that restricts access to malware infected websites.
Key features include:
  • Vulnerability Scanner: Helps you identify and fix security vulnerabilities on your PC.
  • Firewall: Allows you to set protection levels for Internet traffic that try to connect to your network.
  • Core Protection: The intelligent antivirus engine effectively detects and resolves threats.
  • Web Security: Real time cloud security restricts access to malware infected websites.
  • Improved Scan Engine: The antivirus scan engine avoids re-scanning files that have not been altered.
  • Email Security: Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro gives cloud-based email security.
  • Browser Sandbox: Running your web browser in Sandbox Browser provides you with a secure browsing experience.
  • TrackMyLaptop: Quick Heal TrackMyLaptop Service helps track your lost or stolen laptop.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

The KMPlayer is a versatile media player which can cover various types of container format such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime among others. It handles a wide range of subtitles and allows you to capture audio, video, and screenshots in many ways.
The player provides both internal and external filters with a fully controlled environment in terms of connections to other splitters, decoders, audio/video transform filters and renderers without grappling with the DirectShow merit system. Internal filters are not registered to user's system to keep it from being messed up with system filters.

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Nero Burning ROM 2015 lets you burn CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs on your Windows PC. The software was first released in 1997, and it has evolved in line with users' changing demands over almost two decades.

The latest version supports several incarnations of Windows, from Vista right through to Windows 8. (There's also a sister product for Linux machines.) The product's developers claim that it supports every make and model of disc burner on the planet. However, Nero Burning ROM does not include the extensive media management features of products like Nero 2015 Platinum.


Nero Burning ROM 2015 can be used to create ISOs, or disk images, to optical media, including bootable copies for operating system disks. The software can also burn the high-definition Blu-Ray format, as well as its predecessor, DVD. Nero Burning ROM 2015 supports AVCHD, a format developed primarily for camcorders.

In a bid to provide a complete media management solution, Nero Burning ROM 2015's developers have included additional features like disk erasing, file conversion and the tools to rip files from audio CDs. The program's compatible audio file formats can be expanded using codec packs.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Start Menu 8 is a desktop enchantment software that bring backs your favorite UI feature of old Windows systems to the Windows 8. Designed by IO Bit, Start Menu 8 reintroduced Windows 8 users with traditional Windows Start Menu that can be additionally customized to your own needs. It even has ability to boot Windows 8 directly into desktop mode, skipping Metro start page completely.

If you are a user who is struggling with new Windows 8 interface, Start Menu 8 will be perfect solution for your troubles. It’s lightweight, fast, and provides you with invaluable upgrade of your Windows 8 desktop user interface. Best tool for bringing back the Windows "Start" menu. There is not much to be configured here. After you install Start Menu 8, users can activate it and immediately receive their loved Start button back in Windows 8, ready to be used like you have never left Windows 7 and its great approach to user interface. 

All in all, Start Menu 8 delivers a simple solution for bringing back the Windows "Start" menu, and it can be handled even by less experienced users. As one of the most popular products that developers from the famous company IObit Lab (creators of the popular applications such as Advanced System Care, malware Fighter, Driver Booster and many others) have ever created, this app just proves that sometimes UI changes in new operating systems don’t need to be something that will disrupt your productivity. If you look just a little you can find an app like this and return to the interface configuration that you are most comfortable with.

Start Menu 8 Features:
The Best Start Menu Replacement for Windows 8
Easily Switch between Metro and Desktop Interface
Faster Access to Programs and Files
Customizable, Easy, and FREE to Use

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Glary Utilities is a free system cleaner and performance booster for your Windows PC. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface features one-click functionality and easy, automated options that give you the choice of either a 1-Click maintenance or a custom selection of operations.

It includes over twenty system utilities that allow you to customize your scan and features options such as a Registry Cleaner, Spyware Remover, Startup Manager and Shortcuts Fixer, all of which will improve your computer performance.

The Windows Boot Time monitor, which sits in the middle of the main interface window, tells you how long Windows is currently taking to boot on your PC and then compares that with other Windows users. From here you can then access and manage a list of the programs that load on Windows startup and delay some of them if necessary.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Kingo Android Root is a popular PC utility that can help you easily root your android phone by simply connecting it to your desktop or laptop PC and using an easy-to-use wizard. The procedure starts by detecting your phone and its compatibility with its database of supported devices and then guides you through the rest of rooting process. By rooting your phone, you will unlock itto the full potential of the custom applications that were made by developers who did not want to be restricted by the rules of official Android SDK and homebrew programmers who wanted to test the limits of their hardware. Android OS cannot restrict applications that require root, and they can accessing all hardware and OS services your phone offers. Rooted applications have incredibly large range, covering everything from battery life extenders, Android OS design customizations to removing carrier preinstalled bloatware. The result is longer battery life and faster phone.Kingo Android Root will only help you to root your device with few simple clicks of your mouse, and will not do anything else with your phone.

After connecting phone to your PC via USB cable, Kingo Android Root will automatically detect your device. It supports large amount of Android phones made by Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG and many other manufacturers, with Android OS support ranging from Android 1.5 Cupcake to its latest versions.

What’s good in rooting with Kingo Android Root?

    Faster performance
    Preserve battery life
    Access root-only apps
    Remove carrier bloatware
    Customizable appearance
    Attain admin level permission

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

IcoFX is an award winning freeware icon editor. It is an all-in-one solution for icon creation, extraction and editing that can be easily controlled by both seasoned professionals and novices who have very little or even zero knowledge about design. Using very simple tools and thoughtfully organized dashboard, users can easily apply both small and big changes to their icons, and put them through conversion that will prepare them for all kinds of uses (transform big images into Icons, convert all icon formats one into another). It is designed to work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh icons supporting transparency.

Main interface of IcoFX is very user-friendly, enabling users to easily access all the necessary image manipulation tools, color pickers, brushers, work with layers, and have both large work surface and real-time previews that cover all the popular icon sizes between 16x16 and 256x256. If you want to covert cursors or icons between Windows or Macintosh image formats, you can easily do that either individually or via highly capable batch processing tool that can easily in seconds convert entire collections of content.

With a wealth of tools and more than 40 effects at your fingertips, there’s virtually no limit to the icons you can create. You can easily convert your favorite images into icons, or icons into images. IcoFX gives you the possibility to easily create a favicon for your website or blog or even create icon libraries or change icons inside exe files.

IcoFX Main Features:

Create icons and cursors
Create icons for Windows and Macintosh. Support for Windows Vista icons with PNG compression. Convert your Macintosh icons to Windows icons and vice versa. Support for static and animated cursors.

Batch process multiple files
You can easily work with multiple files using the batch processing capability of IcoFX. Create, convert, extract or export all your icons or cursors with just a few clicks.    

Adjustments and effects
With more than 40 effects at your fingertips, there’s virtually no limit to the icons you can create. IcoFX features a collection of intuitive color correction tools.

Images with layers
You can quickly create layer based images using IcoFX. It allows you to rearrange, blend layers and change their opacity. 

Import, export and extract
You can easily convert your favorite images into icons or cursors, or icons into images. Supported image formats BMP, PNG, JPG, JPG2000, TIF and GIF.

Resource editor
IcoFX gives you the possibility to create icon libraries or change icons inside exe files. You can also create cursor libraries. 

Full assortment of tools
IcoFX features a full blown image editor with many useful tools. You can use different brush sizes, shapes, hardness, even blending modes when painting. 

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